13 May 2020

Mindhive signs first contract for Traceability

Mindhive has signed its first client for its new traceability offering. Using a laser-based solution to uniquely mark each cattle hide, Mindhive is able to capture information from the farm gate, as well as hide grading data. The data is stored in an immutable database, retrievable through an app made available as part of the service. Relevant parties in the supply chain can read the code on each hide and review the associated data using the app.

Using the Mindhive Model V grading system, grading data (including hide images) can automatically be logged against each hide’s unique ID.

Combined with Model V grading, the Mindhive traceability solution offers an advanced and robust solution to the leather industry: it simplifies the search for exceptional skins and delivers unparalleled insights into sustainability. It is the ultimate way for tanneries to answer to the consumer’s desire to know the origins of the product. A highly sought-after trait, particularly in the luxury segment.

About Model V

Model V is a combined AI and machine vision solution. Focussed on quality management in manufacturing, Model V replaces existing inspection solutions with a unique combination of hardware and software that is faster, cheaper and more accurate. Read more