01 February 2022

Defect FAQ

Model V Grading is now able to detect 19 different defects… and counting. Our Tech team is currently working on adding 4 more defects to the model – while others are being further refined. Read the mini-FAQ on defect detection and quickly learn the key facts:

What defects can you currently spot?

We can spot light spots, heavy spots, veins, flay, growth, mole, wart, hair slip, delayed cure, ringworm, bacterial damage, light bite, heavy bite, hole, open, open scar, healed scar, brand, disease and hair stubble.

What defects are you currently adding on?

We are adding hair, lime stain and draw.

How fast are defects spotted?

As fast as the conveyor belt / sammer has been set within your operations – there is no limit as to how fast this can be.



What if I’d like to detect a defect you are currently not spotting?

As a new customer onboards, adding additional defects to the model upon his request is a standard part of the services.

What accuracy can you achieve with your defect detection?

This depends on the hides and types of defects. However, our service will always be as good or better than the human grader. Human graders typically achieve accuracy of 60-70%; Model V Grading generally achieves between 85-95% accuracy once the roll-out phase with the customer has been completed. We continue to work on further improving this by using improved AI, new, more powerful technology, and further training of the model.