22 November 2021

Lowe innovates with Model V Grading

New Zealand based Lowe Corporation is embracing Model V Grading for the grading of their wet blue bovine hides.

Model V Grading uses AI and machine vision to detect specific defects on wet blue hides. It then allocates a customised grade that enables a sophisticated hide allocation process. Stuart Berry, CFO at Lowe, and his colleague and Plant Manager David Parkes, are excited about the new technology: ‘We really like the consistency we can achieve with our quality control’, Stuart says, ‘The human eye leaves space for inconsistency when grading hides. The accuracy levels we can achieve with Model V Grading will show a visible improvement. As they were learning more about the technology, Stuart and David came across another possibility for their operations: grading to customer requirements. Having grading models specifically catered to customers will enable Lowe to deliver a highly customised service while optimising the allocation and use of each hide. ‘This is really all about our customers. It is very refreshing to be able to look at grading differently’, adds David, ‘Mindhive technology is exceptional in that respect. It is an exciting partnership for us, and we look forward to what more we can achieve with Mindhive’s technology in the future.’

One of these next achievements is the roll-out of the new generation of Leathertracer, Mindhive’s automated traceability service – which can incorporate Model V Grading defect maps and grades into the hide’s database record: ‘Lowe Corporation has been focused on traceability and the marking of hides for the last 10 years, linking the origin of the hide to the finished product. Mindhive’s tech takes our process to the next level and ensures we stay up to date and provide the best service to our customers and suppliers.’

Does your tannery qualify for Model V Grading and / or Leathertracer? Find out: