21 December 2021

Meet super star Luke

Luke in Antarctica

As the appetite for Mindhive innovation was growing rapidly in the USA, we added Luke Keehan as a vital team member and direct contact for the Americas. As Head of Technical Deployments and Customer Service he will ensure customers receive premium service.

In his downtime Luke is an avid mountain biker and photographer and is also involved in volunteer science work. When it comes to the role of Head of Technical Deployments in the Americas, he ticks all the boxes – and more. An electrician by training, he gained significant experience, recently with Antarctica New Zealand as Base electrician and Winter Engineering Supervisor. While stationed there, Luke looked after the wind turbines in Antarctica that form part of the joint New Zealand / USA power grid on Ross Island. His roles have always involved challenging environments, whether due to the industrial environments or extreme climactic elements he operated under. These conditions have shaped him to being the multi-faceted engineer he is today: ‘Having to come up with sustainable solutions on the spot was often part of what I did; it also resulted in me manufacturing my own components to solve problems. This broad industrial background also means I can more easily relate to others in industrial environments – and identify what they are facing quite quickly.’


Luke is excited about working with Mindhive. Having worked with forms of grading systems prior to this role, he sees a clear difference: ‘This is a big step up from anything I have seen. The abilities this technology offers and the services it can provide are absolutely leading edge. Tailoring solutions to each customer site is an important part of that, and it makes my job a lot of fun.’ Luke sees his role as a huge asset to customers in that part of the world. Being able to meet face to face, having someone on standby to troubleshoot with…often, it is not only the most effective way of resolving a query, but also the most pleasant one: ‘I am looking forward to seeing more sites, meeting more people on the floor. Whether it is for maintenance or tweaking performance, I have always really enjoyed being able to get hands-on with people to address things. That face-to-face time is priceless.’

You can reach Luke at: luke@mindhive.co.nz

Emperor chicks – by Luke Keehan