10 May 2021

Our team in Japan

Shiomi Ito is a one-of-a-kind asset to Mindhive: he builds complex AI models and also plays an essential role in sales and relationship building in Japan. He manoeuvres between these two very contrasting skillsets with flexibility while keeping the rest of the team informed on progress made. In his career, he provided accurate and reliable solutions to many global companies but he has a soft spot for Mindhive: ‘Mindhive is a highly capable and playful group of people. It is very exciting to work with such a team and also a great way to develop your sense of humour!’ In his free time, Shiomi loves playing with his kids and mountain climbing – acknowledging that software engineers also need time away from their screen.

Miyu Ushiro is Mindhive’s Sales Assistant in Japan. She supports Shiomi by translating and interpreting meetings and emails, looks after email correspondence and summarizes meetings that she reports back to the New Zealand team. She is a versatile, fun and super-smart colleague who knows to combine local in-depth market knowledge with a fresh, worldly outlook. Her experience as events host and interpreter is of great value and she has gained a thorough understanding of Mindhive’s complex technology. She just loves how friendly and flexible the Mindhive team collaborates. Distance is covered daily with regular team calls, one on one video calls and lots of messaging on Slack (messaging tool of the business). ‘Learning new things and seeing our business expand day to day is also very exciting’, she adds. In her free time, Miyu is an avid traveller: she has visited 56 countries and 37 Japanese prefectures! And even though her travels have slowed down due to the pandemic, her pace at Mindhive most definitely hasn’t.