Mindhive offers two key solutions that propel the transformation of your tannery. Model V Grading is the AI-powered, automatic grading solution that plugs into existing tannery environments. Leathertracer offers traceability in its most efficient, robust form while providing internal transparency. Combined, these two solutions set the tone for your tannery of the future.

Built for ultimate impact

Born from industry demand, Mindhive's tannery package fast-tracks the road to innovating operations. It focusses on two core areas: quality and traceability.


  • Grade accurately. Every minute of every day
  • Sort or grade to customised grading standards
  • Optimise speed of throughput
  • Optimise order fulfilment
  • Your visual dashboard for transparent reporting
  • Easily address any queries on quality
  • Integrate with your ERP, Leathertracer, or other system


  • Fully automated solution
  • Marks ID through hair and debris
  • Safe operation / H&S compliant
  • Error-tolerance up to 6 missing characters
  • Capture data from farm gate to finished product
  • Stored in secure database
  • Use Leathertracer app to consult hide data


Mindhive partners with tanneries looking to embrace smart technology that will propel their business forward. With Mindhive Model V Grading, tanneries have full visibility on the best allocation of every hide while maintaining operational speed. With Leathertracer, tanneries finally have a robust answer to traceability. Both solutions help tanneries, as well as their supply chains, better arm themselves with accurate and transparent data.

Grading with AI precision


Humans train their ‘eye’ for years to become a master grader. Model V learns your grading rules in a matter of weeks.

The AI in Model V Grading is trained to identify the smallest of features – some undetectable even to the human eye. Optimise the value of your hides and see rejects drop – all whilst your customer receives exactly what he ordered.


Leathertracer: robust, fast and accurate

Leathertracer: 素早く正確なシステム

Leathertracer places an error-tolerant mark through the hair. The alphanumeric code allows easy access to the underlying data, even if only partially visible, with the dedicated Leathertracer app.
Capture heritage and consult Model V Grading data from within the Leathertracer database. Collectively, they are the key to internal insights as well as external transparency.


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