The brainy bunch

Globally spread, Mindhive’s team members share their ‘knack for tech’, edgy sense of humour and love for a good coffee.

They’re also very good at what they do.

Neil Martin

After successful management roles in IT, consultancy and then finance, Neil connects Mindhive to the globe’s biggest players in manufacturing and beyond – knowing that what they need and what Mindhive offers, are aligned.

Dion Bettjeman

Dion loves solving problems. Combining an engineering background with data-savvy skills, he spotted an opportunity in 2011 to capture and translate data from hydraulics systems. It was the birth of Mindhive.

Damon Maria

Having previously managed successful web businesses, Damon brings 25 years of software experience to the team. Damon is a visionary with common sense, and an outstanding manager.

Luke Keehan

Luke is our Head of Technical Deployments and Customer Service in the Americas. He previously worked in Antarctica as Base electrician and Winter Engineering Supervisor, where he learned to perform under extreme circumstances. Whether it is for maintenance or tweaking performance on Mindhive tech solutions, no challenge is too great for Luke.

Simon Cross

Simon’s extensive career spans from microprocessors and IoT (before that was a thing) through to large telecom. His breadth of experience adds critical value across Mindhive’s tech stack every day.

Richard Dando

With a background in engineering for the wastewater industry and a passion for all things tech, Richard has taken on a role to drive Mindhive forwards in its engineering design. Richard wants to see Mindhive recognised as an innovative leader in Kiwi engineering.

Shiomi Ito

Shiomi Ito is a one-of-a-kind asset to Mindhive: he builds complex AI models and also plays an essential role in sales and relationship building in Japan. He manoeuvres between these two very contrasting skillsets with flexibility.

Miyu Ushiro

Miyu Ushiro is Mindhive’s Sales Assistant in Japan. She is a versatile, fun and super-smart colleague who knows to combine local in-depth market knowledge with a fresh, worldly outlook.

Robert Wheater

Robert is a board member for Mindhive. He brings an extensive track record in finance and business development and has filled key positions in a wide range of industries, including industrial automation.

Donna Fyfe

Donna filled senior roles for leading IT companies and holds extensive management experience. Donna has since been involved with small and medium-sized New Zealand businesses and thrives when drawing the best out of people.

Gary Monk

Gary Monk, ONZM and board member, has 44 years’ experience in the primary sector; including fishing, aquaculture, meat and leather, as well as a number of governance roles including radio and television and not-for-profits.

Smart Minds

Smart Minds

Working for Mindhive means being part of a flexible, energetic and fun-loving culture. Deep learning experts are (let’s face it) one of a kind. Their work-ethic knows no boundaries, and neither does their sense of humour.

Think alike?

Creating custom AI solutions for the world’s big players, Mindhive’s impact stretches far. Smart as they may be, this team is about hard work and good fun. Sound like you?


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