Mindhive in Japan

Rikei Corporation

Mindhive provides a solution that strengthens Rikei’s position in AI platform services, while Rikei offers a strong channel to market for Mindhive. With Japan being a leading manufacturer in many industries, Rikei saw the opportunities a partnership with Mindhive could offer. Its Model V, a solution specifically designed for manufacturers, automates quality control or grading processes by bringing together AI and machine vision. This combination enables Model V to be adaptable in challenging environments and achieve accuracy levels beyond human capability. Model Q, the other core solution of Mindhive, focusses on optimising operational processes. This is an ideal solution for manufacturing plants, drive thru restaurants or public transport: any environment where a continuous process flow occurs. Model Q helps streamline these processes, spot anomalies and increase profits by providing valuable insights.

Government boost

The Rikei/Mindhive partnership has been boosted with the recent launch of a Japanese government subsidy. Those small to medium-sized Japanese businesses interested in deploying a Mindhive solution, can apply for a JPY 10 million (approximately NZD 152,000) subsidy towards this deployment. With Rikei facilitating the application process, this enables rapid deployment of both Model V and Model Q in a variety of sectors across Japan.

Below is a collection of Japanese media covering this new partnership:

Visit the Rikei website

Visit the Rikei website

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