Tannery customers asked us to create a traceability solution, so we did. As it is not in our nature to just ’tick a box’, we set out to deliver the ultimate solution to tracing leather hides. Meet Leathertracer: Industry-proof. As fast as your operational speed. Safe for all staff. And above all: marking an unmistakable ID that stays with the hide throughout the tannery journey and beyond.


Raising the bar

When developing Gen 2 of Leathertracer, we set the bar even higher. This new technology delivers greater speed and robustness, and is fully automated. It also comes with optimal safety and a reduced cost of ownership.
Raising the bar
  • Capture data from farm gate through to finished hide
  • Add Model V Grading defect map to the database
  • Mark error-tolerant ID in 2 seconds
  • Fully automated, safe technology
  • Securely stored data for optimal security

A treasure database

The Leathertracer ID is stored in a secure database. Farm or feedlot information is captured where available, as well as any other information you desire. Use Mindhive’s Leathertracer app to instantly bring up all hide information. Give your customers access to this app to complete the circle of transparency.


The gains

Leathertracer has been designed to fulfil a robust promise of traceability, while minimising the strain on existing operations.

Connect other data or Model V Grading to optimise operations

Safe operation - no impact on machinery or staff

Use as a powerful tool during LCA's and LWG audits

Give customers full transparency as to the origin of each hide

Attract premium accounts, on the lookout for ultimate transparency

Utilise data to help shape quality improvement dialogues with suppliers

Transparency throughout

Created for external traceability, Leathertracer offers another feature. Combined with Model V Grading, it can help to optimise processes within the tannery and facilitate data for critical analysis and Life Cycle Assessments.

Seamlessly interconnected

Seamlessly interconnected

Deploying Leathertracer alongside Mindhive’s Model V Grading opens up the door to many efficiency gains. Tracking hide-specific grading information throughout the various tannery processes enables endless optimisation.

Model V Grading

Custom fitted

Custom fitted

The hardware for Leathertracer is mostly predefined. However, each deployable unit is custom fitted to the specific plant – as varying heights or space come in play.

Mindhive offers two versions of Leathertracer: one for tanneries, one for meat plants. Fill out the form below to find out how Mindhive could help you achieve traceability.

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