A hide destined for luxury bags vs. a hide destined for automotive interiors… both require high quality standards.

But how this quality is defined, is very different for each.


Own your quality output

Imagine your master grader on his best day. Imagine him having as long as he needs to grade a batch. Imagine the best light and conditions while he performs this task. Now imagine this level of grading to carry through consistently– whilst matching your operational speed. Meet Model V Grading.
Own your quality output
  • Automates defect detection, sorting and grading
  • Detects over 20 different defects
  • Set your own grading rules, let AI do the rest
  • View your hide data directly on grade output screen
  • Use Mindhive reporting tool to gain total insights into quality and throughput

Value added throughout

Model V provides absolute consistency in quality control. Pablo Medina, Continuous Improvement Manager at Tasman Tanning, explains how the effects of this benefit the company on several levels:

The gains

Unlike traditional technology, Model V Grading gets better with age. As we continue to refine the models and add more defects, you are getting more value. A true delivery of continuous improvement.

Rely on a 24/7 ‘master grader’ who is always available

Improve grading accuracy by removing human inconsistency

Maintain operational speed while capturing every detail

Optimise the use of every cm2 of a hide

Streamline related processes

Optimise order fulfilment

A chain of quality

The quality grading Model V achieves is noticed by your customers. Set your grading model to fit the industries you serve. Alternatively, have us set up customer-specific grading models – and wow your premium customer.

Modelling smart innovation

Modelling smart innovation

AI is already embedding itself in many industries. To leverage the power of AI, niche models are the key. AI models that were specifically developed to do one job – and do it exceptionally well.

Another day in the model

Ultimate helicopter view

Ultimate helicopter view

When you capture critical data, you want a place where this can be reviewed. Reporting and data-driven decision-making will become a breeze with your fully interactive dashboard. Visualise defects, grades, suppliers, hide thickness, size or throughput – and get to know your operations inside out.

Lowe innovates with Model V Grading

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